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Alfiso is joint-venture company founded in October 2004, by Alfatec from Austria and Isotek from China, each take 50% shares of the company. In March 2005, Alfiso started the production.


Alfatec: Austrian company, has been producing high temperature insulating products since 1986, with manufacturing plants in Austria and Hungary. In August 2009, Alfatec is acquired by Unifrax.

> Isotek: Chinese company, deals with thermal insulating products, most technical and sales people in the company have more 18 years experience in ceramic fiber. 


> Innovative technology
> First class quality and services
> Spirit of cooperation


> Ceramic fiber, alumina fiber and other refractories
> Design, Engineering, installation and maintenance
> Trade, import and export


 Quality Control
We apply same technology and quality control system as Alfatec, A continuous quality control and product optimization is realized in our state of the art laboratory.  The quality is  one of the essential factors that enable us to develop successfully over the past years.



     ALFISO® and ISOTEK® are our registered trademark.

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